Cuisenaire Rods


This classic educational design is now available from indie art & design! We consider Cuisenaire Rods (like Tina Matthew's Black and White Baby Mobile) a must-have for our kids, so we'd like to offer them to you at a super discount :) At just $22, our Cuisenaire Rods are cheaper than anything you'll find even on eBay - and the best price online.

When our stock arrived, my 3.5yo son and I played with them all afternoon! We stacked pyramids, and he made some amazing "drawings" by positioning the various length coloured pieces on the floor to make birds, dinosaurs, train tracks (of course) and more. He was interested in my introductory demonstration of addition and subtraction, and, to my surprise, was actually seeming to understand and coming up with correct answers for simple sums... but mainly we just played! Cuisenaire Rods are an amazing primary school tool used to visualise addition, subtraction, division etc. I have such a vivid memory of loving them when I was at primary school, and they're as popular now as ever.

This 308 piece set comes in a sturdy wooden box with a slide open perspex lid so that you can still see all the colourful wooden pieces when packed away.

Suitable for 3+
Tray measures 32.5cm x 17.5cm x 3cm
Non-Toxic Paint

* Cuisenaire Rods ships as a large parcel and does not qualify for FREE SHIPPING offers.