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christmas gift guide 2011

shop indie - the indie art & design Christmas Gift Guide 2011

The festive season is upon us once again, and this year we have a stunning collection of gifts for you! We have ideas for women, men and kids - some inexpensive and fun, others to treasure for a lifetime. Enjoy and happy shopping this holiday season!

AU $49 Hand painted porcelain Deer from the popular 'Dollhouse Delirium' range by Meow Girl.

AU $64 Hand painted black and white Bunny from the popular 'Dollhouse Delirium' range by Meow Girl.

AU $25 Limited edition hand-embroidered City Brooch by edward & lilly. Inspired by travels through various cities, this lovely little piece is part of the new city versus country series.

AU $55 Vintage fabric button clutch: unique and individual purses designed and handmade in Adelaide by Kitty Came Home.

AU $44 te. pouchy is a cute little coin pocket with a card slot on the back. Externally hand stitched and made in Melbourne by temono.

AU $39 Kids 'Puppy' red striped, short-sleeve, round neck t-shirt made in Australia from 100% cotton by Hamb.

AU $13.50 Handknitted vintage button mug cozy. Made using pure Australian wool, it is guaranteed to keep your brew warm and protect your hand at the same time, by sheeps clothing.

From AU $72 Symbolise your family unit with hand engraved silver medallions suspended onto a framed backdrop of black + white tree branches. From bilingual.

AU $25 Modern + functional desk clocks: sleek, engraved timber desktop clocks - perfect for keeping your eye on the time by lorgie+me.

AU $38 Hand painted diary: laser engraved + hand painted timber journal or 2012 diary from lorgie+me.

From AU $120 Affordable and adorable original paintings and prints by Marie Larkin.

From AU $10 Quirky individual jewellery and giftware by Marie Larkin.

AU $76 Medieval arabesque pendant by Simone Walsh. Eye-catching and beautiful pendant inspired by a medieval ironwork design and handmade in sterling silver.

AU $62 Elizabethan etched and gilded teardrop earrings by Simone Walsh. Eye-catching and elegant earrings etched with a beautifully intricate Elizabethan pattern which has a gold highlighted finish.

AU $59 A sweet, blue feathered friend is featured on this porcelain charm, suspended on a sterling silver chain. Handmade in Melbourne by Iggy and Lou Lou, from indie art & design store.

AU $30 Whatever Heather Love Letter Necklace. A little mystery missive around your neck! The envelope opens to reveal a little letter, on which is engraved "I love you". In gold or silver tone, this is perfect token for your loved ones. From Ruck Rover.

AU $44 The Woodcutter Shorts in grey denim with red stitching detail. Available in sizes 1-4. Made in Melbourne by Knuffle Kid, from indie art & design store.

AU $76 The Hostess Dress - reversible and just gorgeous. Available in sizes 1-2. Made in Melbourne by Knuffle Kid, from indie art & design store.

AU $39.95 Bear and Cub wooden brooch from Polli's new wooden collection. This loving mum and bub warm your heart, from indie art & design store.

AU $89.95 Silver Cufflinks in Polli's classic Elm design. Contemporary, sleek and stylish from indie art & design store.

AU $12.00 Have the best dressed suitcase on the carousel with the new Mirror Birdy Luggage Tag by b.sirius. Available in cherry, black, mint or red from indie art & design store.

AU $92 The Little Bag by b.sirius is perfect for every occasion. Sweet, compact and so practical! From indie art & design store.

AU $129.00 Lovebirds Sterling Silver Necklace - exquisitely designed and made by a skulk of foxes, from indie art & design store.

AU $69 Sterling Silver Crochet Flower Studs by a skulk of foxes are so sweet and pretty, from indie art & design store.

AU $85 The Jewellery Tree's intricate design will accommodate many necklaces and earrings! By Bird of Play, from indie art & design store.

AU $45 Bluebird pendant handmade from beautiful vintage crockery pieces by Bird of Play, from indie art & design store.

AU $16.50 Black Scotty Dog Hair Clips - Super cute, and the perfect gift for a friend or as a stocking filler! Handmade by Cherish Vintage Treasures, from indie art & design store.

AU $60.50 Black and Green Kitty Brooch. This unique find has been handmade using a mix of new and vintage elements by Cherish Vintage Treasures, from indie art & design store.

AU $80 Sterling Silver Half Moon Hoop Earrings featuring a delicately printed geometric pattern, by Love Hate, from indie art & design store.

AU $60 Love Hate's best selling design, 'I wish I was a Real Girl', in brooch form with a handpainted red dress, from indie art & design store.

Thank you to all the gorgeous labels and boutiques who accepted our invitation to support the indie art & design Christmas Gift Guide 2011.

The second half of gifts featured here are available to purchase right here, from the indie art & design online store - if you see something which has sold out, drop us a line & we can most likely order in more. As always, we love hearing from you!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011.

sculpture by teangi

Frog scupture by Teangi

''Frog'' - Approx 30cm long. Steel & paint by Sculpture by Teangi

Sculpture by Teangi - Currently on display at Honey Gem Nursery, Macquarie Road, Springwood NSW.

Teangi Chambers has a passion for animals and nature. A passion that has evolved into a thriving business creating gorgeous metal sculptures which provide something a little bit different for any indoor or outdoor area.

From bright and whimsical sculptures, to sculptures with a tortured, rugged, natural surface effect created by the Australian climate, Teangi’s sculptures always bring a smile to anyone's face!

Each sculpture is “truely” handmade with the only electrical tool used being a drill. All the bending, folding, cutting and riveting of her work is done by hand as well as each one being individually hand painted.

For this reason Teangi’s work takes some time to create with some sculptures taking days to weeks to complete.

Flower scupture by Teangi

Teangi has also just released a $50 range of flowers (pictured above) – inspired by waratah and roses.

No patterns or templates are used to create these creatures – each made with its own sense of uniqueness, just as Mother Nature intends in the wild.

Sheet steel is Teangi’s preferred choice of material – Each one is individually crafted and signed by Teangi.

Teangi has recently em-‘barked’ on a unique ‘Sculpt my Pet’. Dogs, cats, birds, large, small, pretty and unique, some living, some no longer with their owners.... all very loved, all immortalised in metal.

dog scupture by Teangi

''Sculpt my Pet - Dog" Contact for pricing 'Sculpt My Pet Project'

Residing just outside of Sydney, you can find Teangi’s work at local nurseries and exhibitions and all sculptures can be shipped nationally with some pieces going internationally.

Elephant scupture by Teangi

''Elephant'' - 45cm long, 40cm tall. Steel & rust effect. Cost $240 available from 'Sculpt My Pet Project'

You can view more of Teangi’s work and sculptures available for sale at Sculpture by Teangi. This website is also a place to view Teangi’s past sold works (which can be ordered) as well as commissions and ‘Sculpt My Pet’ commissions. Prices on the website are listed ex freight.

Facebook: Sculpture by Teangi.

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Friday, November 18, 2011.

alisha hinds

Pretty Series One by Alisha Hinds

"One" from the Pretties Series by Alisha Hinds

Not too long ago, indie art & design welcomed Alisha Hinds to our little team! She has been helping us with all sorts of features on the site (including our new Events Calendar!), and has been building our prescence on Facebook too. Her ideas, enthusiasm and hard work have been invaluable, and we're so happy to have her working with us. With her first market stall in Newcastle at the Olive Tree Market this Saturday (5th Nov), we thought it time she was properly introduced!

Two Ladies by Alisha Hinds

Alisha is a freelance graphic designer & artist, and is currently working on her own label, designing greeting cards (which she's had professionally offset printed) and selling prints of her original illustrations.

Black Tree from the Ladies Series by Alisha Hinds

"Black Tree" from the Laies Series by Alisha Hinds

Alisha's work is currently available from sweet Newcastle store, Little Papercup (which was featured in our last blog post), her Etsy store, and in person from Alisha at her stall in Saturday's Olive Tree Market. If you're in Newcastle, make sure to drop by & say hello! Her work will soon be available directly from the indie art & design store... (and will also soon be showcased in her upcoming web site, so stay tuned).

Two and Four from the Pretties Series by Alisha Hinds

Alisha's illustration style is bold and distinctive. Influenced by the cultures of the East, and working in a limited colour palette of red, white and black, Alisha has created a number of series, each with a different take on the female face or form. The "Pretties", (two of which are pictured above), is a collection of illustrations through which Alisha has played with fashion and adornment, using repeating elements such as an abstract red blossom design and stylised leaf silhouettes.

Black and White Girl from the Forever Series by Alisha Hinds

"Beautiful" from the Forever Series, which is pictured above, is part of a new venture on which Alisha is working - we'll have to wait a little longer for more details on that one!

Oriental Ladies by Alisha Hinds

"Oriental Ladies" by Alisha Hinds

Alisha's designs, whether ink drawings or vector illustrations, lend themselves perfectly to products such as greeting cards. They can grow much, much larger too! Her "Home Sweet Home" artwork was selected to feature on large format street banners for the recent Mattara Festival (held in Newcastle from October 1 - 9). So exciting!

Teacup Ladies from the Forever Series by Alisha Hinds

"Teacup Ladies" from the Forever Series by Alisha Hinds

Browse more of Alisha's work at her Etsy store and LIKE Alisha Hinds Art on Facebook for regular updates.

We hope she has a wonderful time at the Olive Tree Market this Saturday and don't forget to visit her stall to say hello if you're in the area!

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Thursday, November 03, 2011.

little papercup

Paper goods on display at Little Papercup, Newcastle.
Little Papercup is a shop, studio and installation space dedicated to art, illustration and paper goods from independent illustrators, artists and designers.

Located in the heart of Newcastle’s CBD, Hunter Street Mall, Little Papercup
opened its doors for the very first time on Saturday 27th August 2011 .

Shop front of Little Papercup, Newcastle.

The Little Papercup store is the creative vision of beautiful illustrator Jo Dyer – whose whimsical illustrations and mixed media artwork leave your sole feeling warm and fuzzy.

Jo Dyer's art is sold exclusively at Little Papercup, markets and in a handful of shops within NSW, VIC and TAS.

Jodyer Prints at Little Papercup, Newcastle.

indie art & design featured Jo's work when she participated in the Ladies First group show at Brunswick Street Gallery

Jo Dyer’s partner in crime is Fran Crane, who likes to draw and dabble in all sorts of arty things, creates quirky art and paper goods sold exclusively through Little Papercup.

Origami teapot at Little Papercup, Newcastle.

Little Papercup stock art prints, original artwork, greeting cards, journals, gift wrap, independent zines, magazines and other papery goodness from the likes of Australian artists:

Catherine Campbell
Newcastle Productions
Flossy P
Jo Dyer
Blueberry Paper
Write To Me Stationery
Little Jane St
Alisha Hinds

Little Papercup is also a space where customers can come and have a cup of tea, gather materials and inspiration (from their little library) and nestle in at the group table to make their own paper creations such as greeting cards, wrapping paper and decorations.

Little Papercup host a monthly “Crafternoon” including drawing and papercraft workshops suitable for both kids and adults where the belief that everyone is creative at heart, some just need a little more encouragement than others grows!

Craft afternoon at Little Papercup, Newcastle.

Visit Fran and Jo at Little Papercup and discover what’s new in paper based art & design.

Shop Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday 11am – 5pm

Saturday 11am – 3pm

Closed Sunday & Monday

You can also find Little Papercup at The Olive Tree Market on the first Saturday of each month.


LIKE Little Papercup on Facebook

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011.

sarah rothe's emergence

Jewellery piece from Sarah Rothe's Emergence exhibition at Gray Street Workshop
Emergence is the first solo exhibition for Adelaide-based jewellery designer Sarah Rothe. The show opened last week and will run until October 30 at the Gray Street Workshop (where her studio is also located). This Sunday (16th October), at 2pm, Sarah will be giving an artist's talk at the gallery, so if you're planning a visit, do try to get along to gain a special insight into her practice!

Jewellery piece from Sarah Rothe's Emergence exhibition at Gray Street Workshop

Contemporary, distinctive and beautiful, Sarah Rothe's jewellery designs have been personal favourites of mine for some time. (In fact, she was one of the artists we invited to be part of the "indie avalanche of prizes" we held with The Finders Keepers Markets almost two years ago.) Sarah's use of materials, techniques and an almost illustrative design aesthetic combine to create sleek yet feminine pieces. She works primarily in titanium, a material she finds "offers many challenges and has many unique characteristics that make it so fascinating... The way it colours instantly through anodizing still amazes me."

Jewellery piece from Sarah Rothe's Emergence exhibition at Gray Street Workshop

In creating her new body of work for Emergence, Sarah has added a new level of complexity to her designs. She has explored shaping and forming titanium into three dimensional forms, layering variations on patterns, and adding an illusion of depth and life to otherwise flat forms. The detail in each piece is more intricate than her earlier work; this fragility contrasting with the inherent strength of the titanium from which it is made.

Sarah's colour palette too, has changed. Honey, bronze, rust and gold peek through silver surrounds. These leaves have fallen in Autumn, or perhaps they've been scorched by our hot summer sun.

Jewellery piece from Sarah Rothe's Emergence exhibition at Gray Street Workshop
emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions.

Sarah Rothe's Emergence is on now, and continues until October 30 at the Gray Street Workshop.
10 Sydney Place, Adelaide, SA, 5000.
Opening Hours:
Fri - Sat 11am - 5.30pm
Sun 11am - 4pm (or by appointment)

To view more of Sarah's designs, visit, or read her blog.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011.