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Stuff No. 1 and Miss Ruby limited edition prints by Magic Jelly

Could I be under the influence of a sugary spell, or have I simply fallen in love with the wonders of Magic Jelly? I have a feeling that the powers behind this flavoursome label have decided to use their artful magics for good - with just hint of evil here & there. The powers of which I speak take the form of Karena Colquhoun, a professional artist, illustrator & designer from Adelaide. She has an impressive range of artworks & gift items available for sale through her Etsy store at and you can also find her at and her blog

Pictured above are two limited edition art prints. On the left is "Miss Ruby", a hand-painted screen print from a limited edition of 40. Here, the inspiration, image and substrate have been intertwined to create a unique work. The gaze of the subject transfers her character into the present while the viewer is taken back almost 100 years into the past. Karena has printed onto pages of an old damaged book called "The Tennyson Birthday Book". The book itself was given to Miss Ruby Holder on her birthday, 29.3.1911. Since the book is filled with the hand written names of her friends and family, Karena chose to depict Miss Ruby, looking a little weary as she may have done after posing for a portrait photograph from that era. She created the print (US $35.00) using her Print Gocco and hand-coloured the image with acrylics.

On the right, we have the popular "Stuff No. 1" limited edition Gocco screen print (US $12.00). This is Magic Jelly's tribute to spot illustrations & limited colour palettes, a celebration of halftones, ink & paper! Light-hearted in orange & indigo, it is filled with the flotsam & jetsam that collect in our lives & remain vivid in our memories.

Magic Jellies and Heart Attack Hand Printed Gift Cards by Magic Jelly

Among the Magic Jelly goods on offer are the greeting cards "Magic Jellies" - such a jaunty design (as my great aunt would say!), and "Heart Attack" which spreads the peace & love with little red hearts (US $4.50 each). Both have been screen printed using the Print Gocco. Isn't it great when your greeting card really is a gift in itself?

Black Forest Personalised Pocket Mirror and Good Dog Pocket Mirror by Magic Jelly

The pocket mirrors pictured above would make fantastic gifts. The "Black Forest" design (US $12.50) comes personalised with the recipient's name, surrounded by a few shadowy friends, and the "Good Dog" (US $9.50) is my favourite - his zipped up smile is so cheeky & his brown eyes so adoring! The Magic Jelly packaging with handprinted backing cards tops it all off.

Sunday Morning Art Print and Fox & Flowers Limited Edition Gocco Screen Print by Magic Jelly

Above left is the 4 colour Gocco limited edition screen print "Fox and Flowers" (US $12.00). The fox's coat features a gorgeous orange pattern, complimented by the floral star shapes in the background. The "Sunday Morning" digital art print (right, US $12.00) is a striking comic-style illustration named after the Velvet Underground song of the same title.

Floyd's Epiphany Mixed Media Limited Edition Print by Magic Jelly

"Floyd's epiphany arrived in the shape of a fat white dove just as he was about to deliver a killer right hook to his opponent. He pulled off his gloves & went for a walk in the sunshine... Everybody needs an epiphany sometime!" (from Magic Jelly's description)

This two-tone image has been Gocco screen printed onto the pages of a surveyer's notebook from the 1930s. The inks are vibrant and the double image seems to suggest the moments just before and after that sudden change of heart. Another detail that you may not notice at first, is the boxing gloves have been cut independently from a second page of text creating a subtle contrast between the gloves & the rest of the image. Another limited edition, is it available for US $18.00.

Benediction Original Mixed Media Artwork by Magic Jelly

"No. 5" (left, $45.00) is an original mixed media artwork from the "Benediction" series of 60 unique pieces. It features screen printed and collaged elements (from vintage ephemera and new papers). There is a wonderful balance created by the careful selection & placement of textures and colours, and by the arresting gaze of the masked woman's face. The photograph on the right shows a different piece from the "Benediction" series framed.

Gone To Earth Plate Two and Giddyup Limited Edition Art Prints on Canvas Panels by Magic Jelly

Both the images above are limited edition art prints on canvas panels. On the left is "Gone To Earth, Plate Two" (US $18.00), an eerie meeting of fairytale woodland creatures and a carefully arranged human portrait. "Giddyup" (right, US $18.00) is similarly wicked but drawn in the elegant style of vintage engravings, using lines & halftones.

One final surprise: when I contacted Magic Jelly (whom I discovered on Indiepublic), Karena was kind enough to offer me some of her goodies as samples! So the first Indie Art & Design giveaway will really be something special - certainly not to be missed! Stay tuned for my next post...

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Sunday, October 07, 2007.

spring shopping, surry hills

Hope Street Markets Spring 2007 Flyer

After the success of their winter debut, Hope Street Markets is on again this weekend! The line up will include 15 new designers plus a heap of local musicians for Saturday's independent music evening. If you are looking for gifts, you can even have your purchases gift wrapped for free by Frankie Magazine.

Hope Street Markets unique indoor location, Surry Hills, Sydney
iMok t-shirts, button up scarf, bucket hat - The Time Is Now collection

Among the new additions is Sydney label iMok. Best friends Jen & Sandra began iMok by applying their amazing stencil art to t-shirts. They've transported a range of unique characters from the pages of their sketchbooks into the world of fashion. The current collection is titled "The Time Is Now" - a combination of the old & new, tried & true. Each graphic encourages you to take a closer look at the finer details that life can bring. It includes limited edition super soft top & tees for guys, gals & kids, as well as accessories such as the iMok signature button up scarf and hand drawn trucker hats and badges.

iMok t-shirts, button up scarf, bucket hat - The Time Is Now collection

See you at Surry Hills!

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Thursday, October 04, 2007.

indie update sept 2007

Indie Art & Design Update Peacock

Have you noticed a few little changes here & there recently? Wondering what we're up to? Well, you'll be happy to know that we've transported Indie Art & Design to a new software platform that will enable us to add a multitude of exciting new features! We have lots of indie community ideas under development & look forward to letting the cats out of the bag sometime soon!

In the next day or so, we'll be announcing our first ever INDIE GIVEAWAY! The goodies we have lined up have been designed with a little magic - a clue for any sleuths in our readership... All registered Indies will have automatic entry to win these wonderful prizes - it couldn't be easier!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007.

limited edition leather

Flippod Leather Handbag by Chenny K

These sumptuous, predominantly leather handbags have been hand-crafted by Chenny K, who is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Everything here is a limited edition and each design has its own name and personality. Pictured above is the Flippod leather shoulder bag which is available for AUD $169.
It fastens with a magnetic clasp, and has been designed to stay comfortably around your arm.

Future Biscuit and Kou Leather Handbags by Chenny K

Leather was chosen as the main focus for the label due to its strength and textures, as well as being a long lasting material. Chenny K uses a classical approach to design - using simple forms and adding a twist of something new and surprising to make each bag truly unique. They have created an impressively large collection of original designs, all of which reflect the essence of the brand - playful, chic & functional products that make a difference to the way in which a woman feels when purchasing or receiving a Chenny K gift. Pictured above are the Kou (left, AUD $129) and the Future Biscuit leather handbags (right, AUD $139). I particularly love the bold style of the Kou bag with its use of negative space to create handles.

Incu03 and Scroll01 Silk & Fabric Handbag s by Chenny K

While leather is the signature material of the Chenny K collection, other fabrics such as silk or denim are used to compliment the range. Pictured above are two fabric handbag designs - the Incu .03 (left, AUD $59) and the Scroll .01 (right, AUD $79) which features a wonderfully-shaped wooden handle.

Ripe and Forever Leather Handbags by Chenny K

The leather theme is continued above in the Ripe leather bag with its narrow straps and folded edge (left, AUD $99) and the Forever shoulder bag (right, AUD $139). The traditional shape for a handle has been rotated 90 degrees for the Window Wrist .01 (below left, AUD $49), creating both a striking visual shape, and a bag that fits comfortably around your wrist without ever getting in the way. The feature silk panel adds a finishing touch to this creative design. Finally, the gorgeous Camera Bag pictured below (right, AUD $39) may not fit my 30yo SLR, but it would be perfect for your slimline digital camera :) Once again, the detailing is simple, functional, and compliments the design perfectly! The entire range is designed & made in Australia and full descriptions of each bag are available at Chenny K's online store at Delivery is free, no matter where in the world you live and the quality of craftsmanship ensures you will love your purchase for many years to come!

Window Wrist 01 Silk & Fabric Handbag and Leather Camera Bag by Chenny K
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Sunday, September 23, 2007.

fruits & flowers

Dew on a Petal and Retro Blooms Earrings by Cocoapod

Jewellery designer Renee from Cocoapod lives in a cute little town in Western Australia, where she draws inspiration the different people & cultures that surround her. She loves things organic and retro - a passion clearly evident in her unique beaded earrings and accessories. Renee sources vintage glass beads and combines them with natural materials such as wood, fiber and freshwater pearls. Rounded, irregular shapes and slightly muted colours characterise the range which is feminine and quietly sophisticated.

Pictured above left are the Dew on a Petal earrings (US $15.00), for which Renee has placed a serpentine dewdrop atop a fuchia Czech glass petal, accented with a silver lacey cap. Such pretty colours & such a peaceful concept! The Retro Blooms earrings (above right, US $17.00) are probably my favourites, with the clusters of mustard yellow Czech glass blooms and burgundy freshwater pearl stamens. (I must confess to being a bit of a nature nut myself.)

Rich desert colours distinguish the Desert De Chocolat earrings pictured below right (US $15.00). The pink glass cubes feature horizontal colour variations in which you can imagine sandy sunset horizons... Finally, I just had to include the Vintage Strawberry hair slides (US $4.50 each). What can I say - they are too cute! All of these pieces and more are available from Renee's Etsy store at

Strawberry Hair Slides and Desert De Chocolate Earrings by Cocoapod
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007.