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Bird Song 14.5cm Ceramic Disk by Linogirl

Bird Song 14.5cm Ceramic Disk by by Linogirl (sold).

These ceramic pieces by Linogirl are just so lovely! I'm really taken by the ceramic disk pictured above, titled "Bird Song", even though I know that it has just been purchased by another lucky Linogirl admirer... "Down the Garden Path" is an exhibition currently showing at Mad Gallery featuring the work of Kerry Scheen. On display are Kerry's small (8cm) and large (14.5 cm) hand painted ceramic disks which are designed to hang and are double sided. She describes them as "what one might find in a true garden one that hasn't been affected by toxic herbasides and pesticides".

First Bird in Spring Ceramic Pendant by Linogirl

First Bird in Spring Ceramic Pendant by Linogirl, AUD $60.

"Down the Garden Path" is showing until February 24th, and the gallery is located in Lancefield - part of the Macedon Ranges shire and 1 hour from Melbourne heading towards Bendigo. Kerry is lucky enough to work from her home studio in the Macedon Ranges. I have no doubt that her own garden provides plenty of inspiration for her whimsical, cheerful imagery.

Sebastian 8cm Ceramic Disk by Linogirl

Sebastian 8cm Ceramic Disk by Linogirl, AUD $115.

The ceramic disks on display are an extension of Linogirl's range of wearable ceramic objects. The disks, pendants, brooches & rings are all handmade and one-off pieces, each with it's own character and beauty. I'm sure some of you have visited Kerry at the Linogirl stall at the Rose Street Artists Market in Fitzroy, or perhaps spied her pieces in Brunswick Bound (Brunswick, VIC), Louey & Lane Gallery (Glenhuntly, VIC) or Two Birds in the Bush (Woodend, VIC).

Small Bud Ceramic Brooch by Linogirl

Small Bud Ceramic Brooch by Linogirl, AUD $40.

A selection of Kerry's ceramic jewellery is also available to purchase through her web site at A Linogirl ceramic object would certainly make a special, unique gift (or gift to self)!

Search 14.5cm Ceramic Disk by Linogirl

Search 14.5cm Ceramic Disk by Linogirl, AUD $220.

I really love the dual textures of the hand shaped ceramic and the hand painted images used throughout the Linogirl collection. The contrast between the two is shown beautifully in the ceramic disk above, titled "Search". I love the colours too... and the gorgeous surprised expression on the girl's face.

Ping 8cm Ceramic Disk by Linogirl

Ping 8cm Ceramic Disk by Linogirl, AUD $115.

If you live near Melbourne, make sure to visit "Down the Garden Path" sometime in the coming week! Mad Gallery is located at 19 High St, Lancefield, VIC. (Ph. 03 5429 1432) Apparently, they serve fantastic coffee, so all the better!

Collecting 14.5cm Ceramic Disk by Linogirl

Collecting 14.5cm Ceramic Disk by Linogirl, AUD $220.

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Friday, February 15, 2008.

random collective requests...

The Indie Wire news update

Random Collective is an exhibition which will be held in Wonthaggi in the South Gippsland area this March. In addition to a fierce lineup of talented artists from NSW & Victoria (and even a few from the UK & Germany), Random Collective will be hosting a variety of activities to involve the whole community. On the opening day (Sunday 2nd March, 2008), there will be a Stencil Workshop with artists Floh, Seldom & Fray (AUD $20 per person) as well as a Stencil Opportunity where visitors will be invited to bring along a t-shirt, skateboard, surfboard or other object of soon-to-be-art to be stenciled by one of the exhibiting artists! There will also be a raffle of artworks & other prizes. All profits from the raffle, stencil workshop & sprays will be going towards the South Gippsland Conversation Society. The South Gippsland Conservation Society is "active in preserving our natural resources from environmentally damaging development and protecting what we have, through submissions, activities and education".

Random images from the Random Collective exhibition, Wonthaggi, VIC, March 2 - 29, 2008

Random Collective is currently seeking donations of prizes to include in the raffle. Offers will be much appreciated and in return, Random Collective would be happy to stock your flyers/cards/posters etc as well as give you a special thank you on the day! If you're interested & would like to support the South Gippsland creative communtity as well as the natural environment, please contact us and we'll forward your email to Random Collective.

Random Collective exhibition, Wonthaggi, VIC, March 2 - 29, 2008

Stay tuned for more info on the artists & exhibition itself a little closer to the event!

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more indie:
Tuesday, February 12, 2008.


Grrrls exhibition flyer, presented by [weAREtheIMAGEmakers]

This will be an exhibition not to be missed (if you're in Sydney, that is)... Not for profit online publication [weAREtheIMAGEmakers] is presenting an all girl exhibition with a crazy talented line up of female Australian artists. Hailing from all corners of the country, participating artists include:

I'm sure that list of talent you might wish you possess is motivation enough - but just in case you need some inspiration, I've included a selection of works that I adore from just a few grrrly girls below...

Owl and Alex from Patras limited edition art prints by Kareena Zerefos

These subtle and moving limited edition art prints are by Kareena Zerefos. Each print is AUD $185 and available from Kareena's "corner store". Above left is "Owl" and right, "Alex from Patras". "Owl" is also available as an A2 poster (printed on 100% recycled paper) for AUD $12. I'm very much looking forward to seeing Kareena's exhibition pieces!

Off To See The World and Relocation by Lillian Piri

The dreamy coloured pencil work of Lilly Piri is very well known & so beautiful. The artworks pictured above are "Off To See The World" (left) and "Relocation" (right).
A miniature print of "Relocation" (7.5" x 9"), is available from the Thumbtack Press for US $19.99. It is one of 25 different works which are for sale in this format. Gift cards, button sets, original artworks, postcards and the limited edition "silent water zine" (featuring 10 previously unpublished drawings by Lilly Piri and her husband, Heiko) are also all available through Lilly Piri's online store.

Quoll Mail by Lillian Piri

The distinctive, graphic & very lovely artworks below are by artist Brooke Bobridge. Having grown up in Perth, she's lived in Singapore, Nairobi, London & Edinburgh and currently calls Melbourne home. Brooke is inspired by big cities and travelling, and draws from Asian influences in her work. She is always exploring new designs and ideas for her hand-screenprinted works. Limited edition prints of her work are available from a number of online stores including one of our local favourites Moose: Art for Living - and her label, nightsidedown is coming soon!

Lanterns 2007 by Brooke Bobridge

The artwork above is "Lanterns 2007", and below, "Darjeeling 2007". I especially love the colour palettes Brooke has used in these two. The soft grey tones, reds & purples contrast beautifully with the crisp white elements. mmmm....wintery!

Darjeeling 2007 by Brooke Bobridge

The Grrrls exhibition opens at 6pm this Friday evening (8.2.2008) at aMBUSH Gallery in Waterloo. It continues until Sunday 24.2.2008, with gallery opening hours of 12pm - 5pm, Wednesday through to Saturday. Special thanks to Liss for drawing my attention to this exhibition through her beautiful blog, Daydream Lily.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008.

alert, alarmed, amused...

Sweat-Shop Productions

A little while ago, we were lucky enough to win a competition held by fellow Australian design blog & designers' network Design Federation. Among our prizes were two tees from the world's least dangerous t-shirt label, Sweat-Shop Productions. When quizzed about the real origins of the colourful tees with the biting slogans, creator Klaus replied "Unfortunately, there are no real sweatshops in Australia of note, so I had to travel overseas to find one with real child labour to make the tees as authentic as possible."
Of course you did!

Sweat-Shop Productions Samurai and Alarmed t-shirt designs

The original motivation behind the label was, naturally, to change the world with a t-shirt. Since then, Klaus has discovered that it's not really possible... but does find the tees make an easy option for birthdays & Christmas gifts.
He says, "Some people drink or do drugs, this is my vice. I have enormous chips on my shoulders and am also a very bitter person - I generally spit in disgust when simply looking in the mirror. This is all the impetus I need to come up with cheesy slogan-based designs."

The designs pictured above are "Samurai" (left) and "Mum's Alert, Dad's Alarmed, I'm Afraid" (right, AUD $30). These are two of many witty "Politricks" slogans and artworks featured on Sweat-Shop Productions t-shirts & posters. A selection of the t-shirt range is available from the Sweat-Shop Productions MadeIt store. Thanks again for the prizes, guys!

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008.

summer 2008

Hope Street Markets Summer 2008 flyers

Thank you to Hope Street Markets for the parcel of flyers that arrived in my post office box the other day! Sydneysiders will be happy to know that the Summer 2008 markets are on this weekend. The stalls open and celebrations begin tonight at 6pm, and continue throughout the weekend, with live music both tonight & tomorrow night.

There are lots of fresh faces in the designer lineup - A Bitter Harvest, Oh Fiddlesticks, Sanoii + Six, Fuzz Design, Indecent Exposure, Summerblossom, Shelbyville, Tamptation, Ellenade, Linda Blair, Bronzen Temple, Nanna Dee, Scottato, Mam Mam, Imoko-Tactile Curiosities, Peppermint Jewels and Oneredline will all be offering their unique wares for sale.
Meet them:
Friday 1st Feb, 6pm - 9pm
Saturday 2nd Feb, 12pm - 9pm
Sunday 3rd Feb, 12pm - 5pm

182 Campbell Street, Surry Hills

Scottato products

Dazzling goodies by Scottato

Scotatto brings to life an array of handmade treasures, from beautiful vintage fabric heels, charming leather character purses and patterned cushions, to bold retro-inspired bags. Vintage treasures found from scouring markets and op shops inspire and feature in Scotatto’s designs which are unique, one of a kind creations, handmade with love.

Peppermint Jewels necklaces

Sweet necklaces by Peppermint Jewels

I love the Peppermint Jewels range... I have a pair of Peppermint Jewels earrings that I received as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago & just adore! Designer Marina Civiero creates nostalgic, quirky neckpieces, earrings and brooches for contemporary girls using strong images and colours in simple, sometimes minimalist combinations that at once showcases elegant fun.

Shelbyville products

Vintage inspired jewellery & papergoods by Shelbyville

Shelbyville offers an intriguing range of books, badges, stickers, zines and other paper-based things. With a background in graphic design, creator Michelle Vandermeer uses illustration and typography, mixing the old and the new, the digital and handcrafted. The Shelbyville philosophy is one of reappropriating old things and redesigning them into contemporary items – 1960s Scrabble tiles recycled into jewellery; handbound leather notebooks with covers made from old sofas; handmade badges + stickers + bookplates + postcards made from remixing imagery from vintage storybooks and old atlases. Shelbyville is really just a love affair with paper and old things, combined with a relentless desire to make stuff!

Ellenade Hats

Hats by Ellenade

Sydney-based label Ellenade creates all wonders of hats & headwear to frame our faces & shade us from the sunlight. Each hat is uniquely made from beautiful cotton fabrics sourced from around the world. Designer Ellen Adele has recently returned from a fabric sourcing trip to Japan, so there are plenty of beautiful and unique fabrics to choose from!

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Friday, February 01, 2008.