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eclipse by bilingual

Orbit bangle and ring, and Shadow bangle by Sydney jewellery designer Bilingual

"Orbit" silver ring (AUD $135), "Orbit" silver bangle (AUD $265) and "Shadow" silver bangle (AUD $295) by Sydney jewellery designer Bilingual

Brand new from bilingual is "Eclipse" - a collection inspired by the natural phenomenon, and beautifully crafted into a series of sterling silver rings, bangles and earrings.

Shadow silver rings, earrings and bangles by Sydney jewellery designer Bilingual

"Shadow" silver ring (AUD $135), earrings (AUD $175) and bangle (AUD $295) by Bilingual

With each new collection, Sydney designer Marta Niegowska presents her ideas in silver lines which are deceptive in their simple appearance. Each piece has a beautiful form and sense of balance, and as a collection, they explore concepts which relate to the way in which objects and materials are perceived - whether it be the hybrid nature of design for the body, the sense of place an object carries with it (eg. "Stopover") or the how the properties of light influence our perception of the surrounds (eg. "Eclipse").

Shadow silver earrings by Sydney jewellery designer Bilingual

"Shadow" silver earrings (AUD $175) by Bilingual

The three key elements of the Eclipse collection are
"Shadow", "Orbit" and "Ratio", and each sculptured piece consists of a series of arcs divided by two distinct peaks to signify the anticipation of the relatively rare lunar or solar total eclipse. Each element has been applied to earrings, bangles and rings. Like the fast-changing spectacle of an eclipse, the jewellery pieces suggest different interpretations of their concepts at different angles of viewing, or as they move with the body of the wearer. This element of Marta's designs can be appreciated when comparing the individual jewellery images with the plinth arrangements at the recent launch (at Gaffa in Sydney).

Ratio earring and ring by Sydney jewellery designer Bilingual

"Ratio" silver earrrings (AUD $175) and ring (AUD $135) by Bilingual

Surface texture also plays a role in exploring the theme. Marta explains, "With the Eclipse range, we have tried to encapsulate the idea of contrast by use of a dual finish." Her choice of satin silver combined with gunmetal oxidised silver give these creations a simple yet unique aesthetic.

Orbit bangle, earrings and ring by Sydney jewellery designer Bilingual

"Orbit" silver ring (AUD $135), earrings (AUD $175) and bangle (AUD $265) by Bilingual

In addition to the galactic launch of "Eclipse", we'd also like to let you know that bilingual are currently in annual sale mode. Take this opportunity to save 20% on selected pieces until July 8, 2011! To browse their collections, visit

By the way, if you have a favourite from the new range, do tell! I think my choice is Orbit...

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Friday, June 24, 2011.

creative lane this saturday

Creative Lane, Marrickville Town Hall flyer
Marrickville Town Hall will be buzzing with excitement this Saturday (18th June, 2011) as Creative Lane launches its first art and craft festival - a platform which allows local artists to showcase their artworks and interact with their community.

Tea Pot Necklace by Erin Dove

Tea Pot Necklace (AUD $25) by Erin Dove Accessories

The event offers more than a traditional market, and participating artists will be holding small workshops, demonstrations and tutorials during the day. There are over 40 artists and designers taking part, including many indie faves as well as labels we've only just discovered! Talents include: Tamptation, Diana & Christine, Ceeb Wassermann, Jen Allison, Cecilie Knowles, Cherish Vintage Treasures, Chi Chi Ginjaka, Chloe and Viscount, Craft Claudes, benconservato, Erin Dove Accessories, Genschi, Giggle Spot Designs, Hey Boom, Kikay Design, Pabili!, Penned Notes, Skoshlets, The Collectior's Room, The Snail and the Tea Cup, Steal the Lime Light, Whiskers Lane, Tika Bear Designs, Blissful Blush, Drawstring, Takessuy, I Made It, Sienna and Sidney, Twice Designs, and Neutral Beat Clothing.

Vintage Style Framed Purse by Tamptation

Vintage Style Framed Purse (AUD $12) by Tamptation

Creative Lane is a project by MIAO (The Most Inspirational Art Objects), an online store supporting local design. The driving force behind both is Suki Tam, who handmakes notebooks, bags and accessories for her own label, Tamptation.

Creative Lane is on this Saturday 18th June, 2011.
Address: Marrickville Town Hall
303 Marrickville Rd, NSW 2204
Time: From 10am to 5pm
More Info:

Hope to see you there!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011.

mothers day 2011

Polli Vintage Pram Earrings in Stainless Steel from the indie art & design store

Polli Vintage Pram Earrings in Stainless Steel - AUD $54.95 from indie art & design

bird of play Vintage Crockery Necklace from the indie art & design store

bird of play Vintage Crockery Necklace - AUD $40 from indie art & design (SOLD)

Two Little Banshees Denim and Circles Print Bag from the indie art & design store

Two Little Banshees Denim & Circles Bag - AUD $60 from indie art & design (SOLD)

Me and Amber Notebooks from the indie art & design store

Me and Amber Notebooks - AUD $19 each from indie art & design

Attic Accessories Toiletry and Cosmetic Bags from the indie art & design store

Attic Accessories Cosmetic Bags  
  Maggie (back, AUD $33.95) and Bobby (front, AUD $34.95) from indie art & design

I'm so excited about Mother's Day this year (Sunday 8th of May) - this being my first as a mum! I've been telling baby Liam how much I'm looking foward to it, while carefully in earshot of his dad!

While thinking about this milestone, we chose from our store some of our favourite gift ideas for Mother's Day & photographed them for you! Don't they look pretty among lilac blooms and a weathered white outdoor setting? Hope you enjoy, and Happy Mother's Day to all our indie mums!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011.

wheely bugs!

Liam with Bumblebee Wheely Bug

My little one can't wait to grow big enough to ride his Bumblebee Wheely Bug™! When his great aunt wanted to buy us a gift after Liam was born, the Bumblebee was the perfect choice. (I'd seen it at infancy in Newtown a couple of months before and it was instantly at the top of our list of must-haves...) Though he won't be riding it for a little while yet, as soon as he can walk (and his feet touch the ground) he'll be buzzing about, no doubt.

I think it's lovely to receive some gifts for your newborn which you can look forward to introducing well after they've outgrown all the sweet 000 and 00 baby clothes. They also make an ideal gift for a first birthday. The Wheely Bugs are available in two sizes - the small size (AUD $99 from infancy) is suitable from about 12-18 months, and the large size (AUD $130 from infancy) is made for 2 years and up.

Ladybird Wheely Bug

There are a range of designs including a mouse, cow, tiger and pig (check out the Wheely Bug™ site for more pics), but the Bumblebee and Ladybug are stand-outs for me! The Australian design is very safe and with castors for feet, these creatures are so easy for little ones to manoeuvre - moving forwards, backwards, sideways, and round and round... all the time promoting gross motor skills. The bodies are padded and covered with a tough layer of polyurethane leatheroid that can be easily wiped clean and the base is made from plantation grown Poplar plywood and has safe ergonomic rounded contours. The "feelers" which wobble and delight are made with stainless steel spring and have an internal limiter cord to prevent pull out. No wonder the Wheely Bug™ is a multi award winning design.

Which design would you choose for your precious little person?

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Thursday, April 14, 2011.

clouds & silver tears

Enamelware and Pearl Ring by Naoko Inuzuka

Eggs of silver encasing sprigs of cast foliage, enamel zeppelins, layered clouds with cascading silver tears . . . just a few of the wearable designs from Melbourne jeweller Naoko Inuzuka. An RMIT Gold and Silversmithing graduate, Naoko handcrafts her intricate one-off pieces in her CBD-based studio. Her creations feature silver, copper, enamel, pearls, stainless steel and silk which she interlinks with personal memory.

Floating vehicles, such as zepplins and hot air balloons, feature regularly in Naoko's designs. They represent the physical detachment from a place, travelling from one home to another, living in the 'in between'. Clouds are also a common theme in her work and interpretation. 'Clouds are visible to everyone and they connect us all, no matter what part of the world we live.' Naoko successfully conveys a story by embedding her personal journey into her pieces rather than focusing on design alone.

Saturation by Naoko Inuzuka
Saturation is her latest piece from the 'In Between' collection and features over 20 hand-cut, paper-thin silver tears suspended from stormy, enamel clouds - the hinged tears create a gentle movement in the way they fall. There's an underlying sadness in the beauty of this piece.

Tree Egg by Naoko Inuzuka

Naoko has recently moved from her studio to RMIT where she is undertaking a 2011 Residency. Her jewellery is available at Craft Victoria, Black Finch and by appointment. Naoko is also available for custom work.

Craft Victoria - 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Black Finch - 110 High St, Northcote
For studio appointments and custom queries, contact Naoko via email.

All photographs by Emma Starr

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Friday, April 08, 2011.