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Paris in the Sky Print

  • Paris in the Sky Print by Nikki Catalano

Paris in the Sky is inspired by the the fantasy architecture in many childhood books. It also has a snakes and ladders approach to transportation, dwellers climb up ladders or walk down steps moving from cloud to cloud or city to city. My french fabric has inspired the name of this city.
We fell in love with Nikki's illustrations the moment we first saw them. They are beautifully drawn, totally adorable and perfect for adults & children alike. Paris in the sky has such lovely textures and the abstract perspective lets your imagination run wild as you dream of exploring this sky high city!
Description: Paris in the Sky is an original hand drawn, collage illustration printed on Lana Fine Art Drawing Paper. It features ink, sewn fabric, watercolour and digital colouring in.
The size is 8 x 8 inches.
Each print is carefully packaged for weatherproofing and with foamcore to prevent bending. Signed by the artist, with artist bio included.
Watermark in this image does not appear on the actual print. Also, please note copyright remains with the artist.