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Saturday, April 12, 2008 | by Carolyn Price

Georgie Love Birthday Cake

It's been two years today since Sally & George (her gorgeous mutt) launched, the first Australian online store to stock local handmade goodies & promote Australian emerging artists & designers!

Life Aquatic Earrings by Trove and Double Dove Necklace by Erana & Daska, available from

"Life Aquatic Earrings" by Trove, AUD $30, and "Double Dove Necklace" by Erana & Daska, AUD $60 from

To celebrate this milestone, Georgie Love has kindly given us a $50 gift voucher - to be won by one lucky indie reader! The winner then gets to go shopping & choose whatever takes their fancy from the Georgie Love lineup. (By the way, there are plenty of products for the boys, too!)

Moths Wall Hangings by Made by White, available from

"Moths Wall Hangings" by Made by White, AUD $70 from

Entering couldn't be easier...
All you need to do is tell us whether you're a CAT PERSON or a DOG PERSON. (There's even a third "non-committal" option for those of you who can't or dare not decide!)

Robot Notecards by Dudley Redhead and Quilted Wrap by wife, available from

"Robot Notecards" by Dudley Redhead, AUD $8, and "Quilted Wrap" by wife, AUD $150 from

Though I don't think I'll be eligible to win, I couldn't help but browse through the Georgie Love treasure trove & think about what I might choose if I were about to spend that voucher... Hope you like my picks! Of course, you can visit to make your own choices - if there's something that catches your eye, why not leave us a comment...

Lady Stitch Studs by Sweet Dreams & Monsters, available from

I think these are my favourites! I've had my eye on them for quite a while... "Lady Stitch Studs" by Sweet Dreams & Monsters, AUD $20 from

Entries will be open until the end of April (30.4.2008), so if you're not already an indie art & design member, register now, and VOTE on that all-important poll! Both the winner and the poll results will be announced in the first week of May. I'm certainly looking forward to it! (Can you guess which way I'll be voting?)

Grumpy Rabbit Spotty Coin Purse by Pocket Carnival, available from

"Grumpy Rabbit Spotty Coin Purse" by Pocket Carnival, AUD $20 from

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