Attention: indie art & design is unable to fulfill orders during the current Sydney COVID lockdown beginning 17/07/2021 as we are located in Canterbury-Bankstown LGA. Orders may still be placed online but we are unable to provide a firm date for fulfillment (currently minimum wait before shipping is 31/07/2021). We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Mingus on indie art & design

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Mingus Designs is a small independent business run by Dear Songsuwan from her small studio in Melbourne, Australia.
Mingus Designs embrace sustainable living principles and are focused on producing a range of products that reflect environmentally conscious values without compromising quality and style.
All pieces are designed, drawn, cut, printed, glued, sewn and packaged with love and care by hand using 100% green energy. The finest natural fibres such as hemp, organic cotton, linen and upcycled leather are used for Mingus creations.
Hemp is Mingus' chosen primary fabric because it is one of the most durable and sustainable fabrics. It is a low environmental impact crop, as it grows densely with little requirement for water. Due to its resistance to pests and diseases,it is also grown without the use of herbicides and sprays.
The process of creating each piece begins with hand drawn illustrations that are often inspired by nature. These designs are then hand printed onto selected fabrics using water based inks. A range of bags, purses and scarves are then developed using a combination of the printed fabrics and other chosen fabrics.
At the end of it all Mingus offer us pieces of work that reflect their passion and appreciation for design, quality and the environment.