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Karen Bjornenak's passion for turning humble scraps of fabric and thread into things of beauty was first awakened by her great aunt, who taught Karen to knit when she was three, and by Karen's mother, who nurtured her five year old daughter's budding talents as a means of keeping her from running wild on the school holidays. What began as a love affair with a baby singer grew into a talent for dressmaking and a taste for fashion, when the frustration of never finding clothing that she liked led Karen to start designing for herself.
The Berserk label was established in 1996. While her early range was largely street wear, it has expanded and evolved along with Karen's own tastes, and continues to reflect its maker's love of natural fibres, vintage prints and flattering design for real women. Always reinventing and updating her collection, Karen's eclectic range draws inspiration from sources as diverse as seventies craft magazines, folk art and often the fabric itself.
In 2002 Berserk found a second home at The Cats Meow, a boutique in Campbell Arcade in Melbourne which Karen co-founded with friend and fellow designer Kylie Golsby-Smith. Like Karen herself, her store supports independent design and local, ethically minded manufacturing. It is also a hidden treasure trove of one off or very limited edition Berserk pieces.