Welcome to www.indie.com.au - a weblog featuring products made by independent Australian artists, designers & craftspeople. Here you will find signposts to many wonderful items, which are not easily found through search engines alone. We also review our favourite retail stores where these treasures may be lurking, smirking & just waiting to be discovered.

Why nineteen.toes?
Due to an unfortunate "falling-off-fence" incident, and much to the amazement of our very experienced vet, our cat managed to cut the tendon in his left "thumb". To prevent further injury (since the digit was then completely beyond the control of the tiny cat brain), the toe was sacrificied during surgery and the name "nineteen toes" kinda stuck. Of course, despite his loss, he is still the most beautiful cat in the world!



indie art & design was launched as a personal project in late 2006 by Sydney graphic designers Carolyn & Martin. We had recently launched our own design label, Non-Fiction, and during this process, discovered many wonderful independent Australian designers, indie shopping boutiques and online stores. Many of these labels were difficult if not impossible to find through searching the web, so we planned to collect together links to their sites and regularly feature selected products to promote Australian art, craft & design to an international readership.

The site soon took on a life of its own! We've been thrilled with the response, and have so many ideas lined up for the future. We're excited about our new partners - people who are so enthusiastic about Australian design and whose publications/galleries/events show off the unique talents of designers from different fields.

We also love receiving your emails & submissions - there must be so many treasures out there we're yet to discover!


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