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Friday, February 27, 2009 | by Carolyn Price

Non-Fiction Family Portrait greeting cards - Inka the Birman cat, George the rat, Arthur the zebra finch and Henry the rabbit

Our Non-Fiction "Family Portrait" greeting cards - Inka the Birman cat, George the rat, Arthur the zebra finch and Henry the rabbit.
(These little characters are all pets of childhood friends!)

Gift Fair Fever swept through Sydney over the weekend with buyers from all over Australia (& beyond) flocking to Darling Harbour, Homebush and Moore Park. We were exhibiting at the fairest of them all, at LIFE inSTYLE. Having met new stockists and made new friends over the last five days, we thought it was time to introduce some of them to you! Stay tuned for a flood of posts over the next week or so...

Hudo acrylic earring rise - slot

Hudo Earring Rise / Slot - 4.5mm stem & 10mm base UV stabilized acrylic 65mm, 105mm & 145mm heights.

First though, I have a find for you! If you're a fellow maker/designer, you'll know how difficult it can be to get great product shots... When we were planning our product photos for LIFE inSTYLE, we went hunting for props that would suit the style of our cards - not just the usual retail display fare. We found the black perspex Spindle Set used in our "Family Portrait" greeting cards image (top) at Hudo manufactures a large range of sleek & stylish retail visual merchandising products - which, of course, are also perfect for photography props & trade fair displays.

Hudo acrylic bookends featuring dobermans

Hudo UV stabilized 20mm clear & 10mm black acrylic - 170x150x150mm with 120mm high animal silhouette available in Deer, Doberman & Schnauzer.

The Hudo range is made from acrylic (perspex) and there are pieces to suit a large variety of products - from wall shelves, to magazine racks, risers, cute canine bookends, an innovative "belt bar", bag stands, an enormous selection of jewellery display pieces + more...

Hudo acrylic Leaning Wall Shelf

Hudo Leaning Wall Shelf - 25mm UV stabilized acrylic 2000mm x 240mm x 220mm.

Hudo products are all manufactured locally, and they have been supplying to stores across Australia for more than a decade. In fact, you've probably seen their products in the glossy pages of many Australian interiors magazines.

Hudo acrylic ring rings + ring and bangle arcs

Hudo Ring Rings - 10mm thick UV stabilized acrylic available in two sizes of 30mm & 38mm diameter + Ring and Bangle Arcs - 3mm UV stabilized acrylic 55mm, 75mm & 120mm lengths with 5mm, 10mm & 15mm wide slot.

Most importantly, the service is top-notch! You'll find Hudo at:
Suite 1, 6-8 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards, NSW 2065. These cool acrylics are made to order, so make sure to phone 02 9966 5591, fax 02 9966 5960 or make contact via for pricing & orders.

Hudo acrylic belt bar

Hudo Belt Bar - 25mm thick UV stabilized acrylic available in two sizes (laser etch example only).

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