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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 | by Carolyn Price

Sydney jewellery designer Bilingual's new collection 'Cirque' featuring Act Un, Act Deux and Act Trois.

Last week, Bilingual launched their new jewellery range, "Cirque" with an exhibition at Gaffa Gallery (Sydney). Once again, the handcrafted designs were inventive and just stunning. Displayed hanging by a red silk thread and framed by a wooden hoop was Act Un, Act Deux and Act Trois. This new collection of unisex pieces draws on the mystery and intrigue of Cirque Nouveau, and each design can be worn as either a pendant or a ring. As rings, the three Acts represent familiar circus elements: Juggling, Contortion and Acrobatics, while as pendants, the rings they represent the surreal spectacle of aerial silk.

Sydney jewellery designer Bilingual's new collection 'Cirque'

Sydney jewellery designer Bilingual's Act Deux

I think my favourite from the new collection is Act Deux - a geometric design representing the body bending art of contortion, demonstrating the human body's unique ability to form various shapes. It really gives the sense of constant movement as small changes in your perspective create strikingly different shapes within the piece - especially when worn as a pendant. Looking forward to seeing the new designs on the Bilingual web site soon! Bilingual will also be appearing at the PYD Designer markets at Danks St Waterloo this Sunday 26th October 2008, 10 am - 4pm.

Draw for indie art & design giveaway of Instinct Rings by Sydney jewellery designer Bilingual

Announcing the WINNER of our Bilingual Giveaway:
Thank you to all our lovely readers who entered this competition! The Instinct Rings are so beautiful, I wish we had set for each of you... However, there can be only one winner and the name drawn from our Chinese clay pot full of entries was Melinda (from Australia) - CONGRATULATIONS! Melinda was one of the 67% of voters who said they'd share the ring set with someone special.

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