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Wednesday, February 06, 2008 | by Carolyn Price

Sweat-Shop Productions

A little while ago, we were lucky enough to win a competition held by fellow Australian design blog & designers' network Design Federation. Among our prizes were two tees from the world's least dangerous t-shirt label, Sweat-Shop Productions. When quizzed about the real origins of the colourful tees with the biting slogans, creator Klaus replied "Unfortunately, there are no real sweatshops in Australia of note, so I had to travel overseas to find one with real child labour to make the tees as authentic as possible."
Of course you did!

Sweat-Shop Productions Samurai and Alarmed t-shirt designs

The original motivation behind the label was, naturally, to change the world with a t-shirt. Since then, Klaus has discovered that it's not really possible... but does find the tees make an easy option for birthdays & Christmas gifts.
He says, "Some people drink or do drugs, this is my vice. I have enormous chips on my shoulders and am also a very bitter person - I generally spit in disgust when simply looking in the mirror. This is all the impetus I need to come up with cheesy slogan-based designs."

The designs pictured above are "Samurai" (left) and "Mum's Alert, Dad's Alarmed, I'm Afraid" (right, AUD $30). These are two of many witty "Politricks" slogans and artworks featured on Sweat-Shop Productions t-shirts & posters. A selection of the t-shirt range is available from the Sweat-Shop Productions MadeIt store. Thanks again for the prizes, guys!

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