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Friday, June 13, 2008 | by Carolyn Price

MüCKE - sustainable clothing design

"re-strüctured" is a showing of Melbourne label MüCKE's process-based, sustainable clothing design practice. It has been installed in the window of gorgeous Brunswick boutique, Pussycat Black, and opening drinks are on tonight from 6-8pm (13.6.2008). If you're in Brunswick & see this post in time, get a move on! If not, make sure to drop by the store sometime between now and the 27th June. Make your way to:
Pussycat Black 3 Edward St, Brunswick, 3056. (ph. 03 9387 2129)

MüCKE - sustainable clothing design

I've included a little information below which I found on Betty Jo's LinoForest blog - thanks Liz for bringing the installation to our attention!

"In this exhibition, Ellie Mücke explores the processes intrinsic to her labels roots in sustainable design. Observe the inner detail and intricate construction techniques of MüCKE garments, as the designer openly shows the de and re-construction of her recycled clothing practice. "re-strüctured" is a close encounter with process based clothing design."

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