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winter wear: heidi and seek

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 | by Carolyn Price

Colourful tops by Heidi and Seek

Upcycled fun green top - 'prarie' (left, was USD $55, now USD $41) and ethical cotton knit striped winter dress / jumper - 'tommy' (right, USD $80) from Heidi and Seek

I really love Heidi and Seek's motto, "Saving the world, one cute garment at a time". It speaks volumes about the passion Melbourne maker Hayley Lau stitches into her designs. The Heidi & Seek range is comprised of one-of-a-kind handmade garments which have been upcycled and reconstructed using quality second-hand items. They are wonderful combinations of colours, fabrics, styles and details. Hayley gives each piece a "unique sense of fun and colour".

Fabric covered badges by Heidi and Seek

"DIY" and "we are not sheep" badges (USD $7 each) from Heidi and Seek

Heidi & Seek aims to counter the disposable nature of today's fashion industry, which relies on exploited workers to bear the cost of the low prices offered to customers. She strives for fairness and eco-friendliness in every aspect of business. The Ethics page on her web site describes her views, and the problems with common production practices within the fashion industry.

In upcycling pre-loved garments, Hayley really mixes things up - creating combinations that might not have otherwise come about. In that sense, her philosophy also contributes to the design appeal of her garments, which are often surprising, and always super cute. I love the large collars on the tops featured here, and especially the sweet gathered short-sleeve + slender long-sleeve combo. For these pieces, comfy clothes have been dressed up by the detailing!

Womens tops by Heidi and Seek

Ethical brown blue oversized collar winter sweater jumper - 'gabbie' (left, USD $75) and upcycled red brown bow pocket winter shirt - 'paper doll' (right, USD $55) from Heidi and Seek

I just had to include pics of her fabric-covered button badges too! How gorgeous are they? Especially the pink "we are not sheep". Love it.

Heidi and Seek can be found at:
the web site -
the blog - Heidi and Seek and Ethical Fashion
Heidi and Seek's Etsy Store

This lovely label is also stocked at the following retail stores:
VIC: Lulu (Balaclava), Rude Health (St Kilda) and Pink String (Woodend)
ONLINE: Leeloo

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