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Sunday, December 16, 2007 | by Carolyn Price

Fozi Tripod in Pink from Timetale

Fozi is the new credit card sized tripod designed by Timetale to improve your digital camera snapshots! This incredibly convenient little gadget folds flat so you can carry it everywhere you go. When presented with a photo op, simply unfold Fozy & fasten the hinge to create a stand suitable for digital cameras, phone cameras or even media players. Made from polypropylene, the Fozi features three main supports and a variety of little plastic teeth. It has been designed to hold your camera in a number of different ways and the hinge has been tested to last more than 1000 full reversals. Especially good for low light situations, you could use Fozi to take photos out on the town, or perhaps at dinner with friends - including ALL of your smiling faces of course! (By using Fozi with your camera's self-timer.)

The Fozi tripod is available in 7 different colours: pink (as pictured above), blue, red, black, white, clear & clear striped. It is availble to purchase from the Timetale web site & the price is hard to believe - AUD $5.95 including postage to anywhere in Australia! That certainly won't break the Christmas budget...

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