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Friday, March 20, 2009 | by Carolyn Price

sallymac Crazy Cat Japanese vintage silk softie

Vintage kimono silk Crazy Cat softie, AUD $35 by sallymac

I spied sallymac's Crazy Cat (pictured above) at Platform (at LIFE inSTYLE). I love his cheeky expression and wild eyes, AND the amazing graphic print on his vintage kimono coat. He had to come home with me...

sallymac Japanese cotton play mats and Japanese cotton dog softie

Japanese cotton play mats (100x80cm) by sallymac. Polyester filling, machine washable, AUD $64 each. Cotton dog softie AUD $15.

The term eto refers to the Japanese zodiac. It is based on the ancient Chinese concept of zoning time and direction into twelve blocks, each block being given an animal name. Your eto is decided by your birth year and the twelve animal signs are the mouse, the cow, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the sheep, the monkey, the rooster, the dog & the wild boar.

sallymac Japanese cotton bibs and Japanese cotton dog softie

Japanese cotton machine washable bibs (AUD $15 each) and cotton Dog softie (AUD $15) by sallymac

Sydney designer Sally McCarthy has based her gorgeous range of sallymac softies on the Japanese eto. She combines exquisite vintage kimono silks and contemporary fabrics to create these sweet characters, as well as various baby gifts, accessories and unique kimono silk lampshades.

sallymac Japanese cotton cat softies

Japanese cotton Cat softies, AUD $18 each by sallymac

I love the serene expression on faces of the Japanese cotton cat softies pictured above - sleep tight kitties!

sallymac waffle towel with Japanese cotton hood and Japanese cotton sheep softie

baby wearing sallymac waffle towel with Japanese cotton hood

Waffle Towel with Japanese cotton hood, 70x70cm, AUD $35 and cotton Sheep softie, AUD $35 by sallymac

This here is just too cute for words!

sallymac Japanese red cotton dog softies

Japanese red cotton Dog softies, AUD $25 each by sallymac

These pups are perfect for those who prefer bright colours for babies - bold red prints on Japanese cotton. (I think you could be forgiven for naming them Spot!)

sallymac Japanese cotton Dog softie

Japanese cotton Dog softie, AUD $18 by sallymac

You can see that sallymac's Japanese cotton Dog softie (pictured above) has a classic "cuddle me" shape. These are toys which will become instant favourites with your little ones...

sallymac Japanese cotton Dragon softie

Japanese cotton Dragon softie, AUD $25 by sallymac

This one represents me! The dragon (tatsu) is apparently the most peculiar of the 12 signs of the Zodiac cycle. Supposedly we are healthy, energetic, excitable, short-tempered and stubborn, but also honest, sensitive, brave and inspire trust in people. (We can also breathe fire!)

If you're wondering where to find one of sallymac's eto critters, I heard they live in the following habitats:
NSW: MCA (Circular Quay), Bella Emporio (Rozelle), Ekho (Thirroul), Kido Store (Randwick)
ONLINE: Karimu

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