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winter wear: artish

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 | by Carolyn Price

Green Sprout Hat and Bouquet Arm Warmers by Artish

Green Sprout Hat (left, USD $35) and Bouquet Arm Warmers (right, USD $65) by Artish

I hope you have enjoyed our little "winter wear" series of posts :) Lucky last is a collection of colourful creations made by Leticia Maguire for her label, Artish. Leticia wants to make fashion personal, and both her online store and Etsy store are bursting with one-of-a-kind handmade scarves, hats, arm & leg warmers, and more... By the way, Leticia has just announced a massive sale with 50% off everything for the month of September! (So, take 50% off the prices listed on our image captions.)

Rose Cowl and Lion Tamer Scarf by Artish

Rose Cowl (left, USD $50) and Lion Tamer Scarf (right, USD $45) by Artish

I LOVE the colours Leticia weaves together, especially in the Lion Tamer Scarf pictured above. Vibrant colours can really seem to make your skin glow... I usually wear fairly dark clothes, so for me, accessories like scarves & gloves are ideal for adding just a small dose of "bright" into an outfit.

Red Basketweave Cowl & Wrist Warmers and Tightrope Scarflette by Artish

Red Basketweave Cowl & Wrist Warmers (left, USD $70) and Tightrope Scarflette (right, USD $35) by Artish

Over time, Leticia has developed an appreciation for fiber, and how it can be used in so many ways. You can clearly see this in her creations - the small details & unique combinations weave her personality into the mix. She is especially delighted when the blend of textures and colours in the end result surprise her.

"It's a real pleasure to create something, and watch it go out into the world, knowing that it will transform and evolve along with the style of the person who is wearing it."

Solo Cowl/Head Thread & Chai Tea Scarflette by Artish

Solo Cowl/Head Thread (left, USD $30) and Chai Tea Scarflette (right, USD $40) by Artish

I will leave you with Leticia's cute description of herself (on her Etsy profile):
"I love things that go fast, just about anything that is red, old fashioned bicycles, a cup of tea. I'm not sure that I could live without a computer and the internet, and I certainly couldn't survive without something to create something else with. I can't help tapping my toes to a catchy tune, and can't resist hot chips. I'm perpetually searching for the perfect handbag."

You can read more about Leticia's handmade knitted accessories on her web site (and online store) at or on her blog at You can also find Artish in the following retail stores:
NSW: Newcastle Regional Art Gallery (Newcastle)
VIC: in.cube8r (Fitzroy)
ONLINE: whipit australia

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