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Friday, June 20, 2008 | by Carolyn Price

The [weAREtheIMAGEmakers] (WATIM) 12x12 exhibition

[weAREtheIMAGEmakers] is a not for profit online publication which promotes australian artists, illustrators, designers and photographers. The site was launched in 2005 & since then, a new issue has been published online every couple of months, each featuring interviews with some of Australia's most talented artists and photographers. The first official WATIM event was last year's 12x12 exhibition at Sydney's aMBUSH gallery and the time has come for a sequel! (WATIM also held the Grrrls group show which we posted about back in February and have supported many others.)

Artwork by James Hancock, from the WATIM 12x12 exhibition

Artwork by James Hancock, exhibitor in the 12x12 exhibition presented by [weAREtheIMAGEmakers]

12x12 is back with a fresh new line-up of artists from all over the country, and WATIM is taking this visual treat to audiences in both Sydney & Melbourne. As you'll probably have gathered by now, 12 Australian artists were invited to participate, exhibiting 12 artworks created on 12"x12" canvasses. I'm looking forward to seeing the result - it promises to be impressive!

Artwork by Ghostpatrol, from the WATIM 12x12 exhibition

Artwork by ghostpatrol, exhibitor in the 12x12 exhibition presented by [weAREtheIMAGEmakers]

The 12 participating artists are from all around Australia...

apeseven - (Sydney)
ghostpatrol - (Melbourne)
jae copp - (Gold Coast)
james hancock - (Sydney)
jeremyville - (Sydney)
junior - (Melbourne)
luke feldman - {Melbourne)
miso - (Melbourne)
paul meates - (Perth)
plump oyster- (Brisbane)
sam smith - (Gold Coast)
smc[3] - (Sydney)

Artwork by Apeseven, from the WATIM 12x12 exhibition

Artwork by apeseven, exhibitor in the 12x12 exhibition presented by [weAREtheIMAGEmakers]

Both Liss of Daydream Lily & Julia of Studio Home Creative posted about miso's amazing work last week. I can't wait to see what she'll be exhibiting at 12x12... and I don't have to wait long at all! 12x12 opens tonight at aMBUSH gallery just one suburb away in Waterloo.

Artwork by Apeseven, from the WATIM 12x12 exhibition

Artwork by jae copp, exhibitor in the 12x12 exhibition presented by [weAREtheIMAGEmakers]

Opening night in Sydney is Friday 20.6.2008, from 6pm - 9pm at aMBUSH gallery with the exhibition continuing until Saturday 5.7.2008. 12x12 then travels to Melbourne to open at no vacancy gallery on Friday 18.7.2008 (6pm - 9pm) and continues until Friday 25.7.2008. >

The WATIM 12x12 exhibition, at Sydney's amBUSH Gallery and Melbourne's No Vacancy in June & July 2008

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